The impetus for establishing this resource was the early death of Paulo Mellett, who was at the forefront of integrating permaculture, water, building and energy designs into the lives of local communities.  His chief skill was to work inclusively – to capture the imaginations of the diverse interests in the field of sustainability/regeneration and to integrate their efforts to meet the overall practical intention.

Paulo's life here ended in 2014 but his way of working and his underlying values remain highly relevant to addressing contemporary problems. Paulo's influences continue through the work of the Blueprint Project based at the Tamera Community in southern Portugal.

This website is offered as an entry point to Paulo's life and work, with a commentary on the evolving work of the Blueprint Project. It also acts as a gateway to the Blueprint website to which contains full details of Blueprint projects being undertaken across the world. Together, these two websites can act as an educational meeting place for all who wish to collaborate in building integrated systems that help to improve people's quality of life.

Our intention

The aim of this website is for it to be a living document of Paulo's life and the ramifications of his influence in the world, as well as an educational resource, as you come to it asking questions of the sort: How can I improve the quality of my practice/ my life/ the lives of others?


The focus of this website is the role of permaculture in the regeneration of the web of life on this planet.


The perspective of this website draws on the values implicit in the work of Paulo Mellett (1979–2014). We hold values that we try to express in our lives and creative endeavours; however, we exist as living contradictions because the forms of our lives often cause us to deny those values in practice. Unusually, Paulo lived his values fully in his endeavour to make the world a better place – he rarely found himself acting as a living contradiction.

Paulo's work here ended in 2014 but his values remain highly relevant to addressing the world's problems. Part of the educational intent of this website will be to explore the integration of his values into the forms of our own lives as we strive to improve what we are doing - as we ask questions of the sort:

“How can I work with others to sustain and develop Paulo’s creative values as we try to make the world a better place?”

About Paulo

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Paulo's Roots

I am Peter Mellett, son to my father Ernest and my mother Mary – and, in turn, father to my son...

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Paulo's Art

Paul discovered his artistic abilities at the age of six, when he became annoyed at the praise...

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Paulo's Permaculture

Permaculture is a system of agricultural and social design principles utilizing the patterns and...

Paulo on the top of a crane

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Paulo's Activism

The best description of Paulo's activist life is from his own CV, at age 27, for rope access...

About SLush

SLush Peru Rosewood Project

Paulo's later years were devoted to bridging the regenerative impulse of Permaculture and the realizing power of business. Besides teaching, most of his time was spent with Lush the global manufacturer and retailer of fresh handmade cosmetics, developing and working on a novel model for regenerative enterprise. With their Head of Buying, Paulo co-created the Sustainable Lush (SLush) Fund, established in November 2010, in response to the question: could Lush begin to move beyond simply buying fairly-traded ingredients and, instead, develop mutually beneficial partnerships with the communities that produce them?

The mechanics of the SLush Fund are straightforward: 2% of the amount Lush spends on raw materials and packaging is donated to the fund. Driven by the main principles and ethics of Permaculture, this money is then used to support community projects – usually land-based –  that are practicing and promoting best-practice holistic regenerative systems. Some of these projects eventually produce and process high-quality raw materials for Lush products.



The Memorial Gathering took place at Monkton Wyld, Dorset, on 20th July 2014, less than four weeks after Paulo's death in Sao Paulo Brazil. Friends from across Paulo's life came together to grieve for his loss, to celebrate his life and achievements, to share recollections and to reflect on how we all go forward in his memory.

Those who attended the memorial gathering were asked to bring a photograph or printed personal memory to add to the walls of the room. After the Gathering, the contents of the Wall were stuck into two scrapbooks.  You can download electronic versions of Scrapbook 1 and Scrapbook 2, as well as the tribute book produced by GreenPeace.

A comprehensive vegan feast followed the main ceremony, at which a group of Paulo’s friends and colleagues spontaneously decided to carry forward his ideas for growing integrated systems design within communities. The decision was made to work parallel to the existing initiatives at Tamera and develop through practical research a design blueprint that would be adaptable to disaster situations or to any other areas in need. Thus was born the Blueprint Project, whose progress is reported in the Blueprint website.

He was so clearly driven to get the absolute maximum out of his time at UEA and life in general – a tremendous guitarist – how freely he played, how unexpected was his rhythm, how intuitive – a fair assessment of his personality too. - J. Dunthorne
– did not waste any time sitting around just hoping or talking about what needed to be done – Paulo went out and actually did everything he envisioned and dreamed, selflessly, all for the healing and regeneration of life on this planet. - A. Phyala
He had an uncanny insight into people that put them immediately at ease – from small villages in Ghana and Kenya, to remote areas of the Amazon jungle and then back into the favelas of Sao Paulo and then to the deserts of Jordan. - L. Byrne
I worked closely with Paulo on the SLush Fund – I have found myself everyday in the last few months asking myself "What would Paulo do in this situation?" and it has given me amazing guidance and comfort. - C. Roberts
A huge compassionate heart and a bright sharp and open mind – astonished by his knowledge in permaculture and other subjects and also by his ability to transmit complex information in a very sweet and easy to understand manner. - D. Gaillard
What he did in all aspects of his life were expressions of his values. If we are to take his heritage forward then we need to understand those values as fully as we can and extend their influence through our own lives. - P. Mellett
His life was a lesson in how we should all live – I have never met anyone with greater empathy and integrity. When he campaigned against the forces destroying the living planet, he drew his strength from a deep well of love and courage. - G. Monbiot
I don’t think I’ve met anyone who could completely change your outlook on life quite like Paulo – impossible not to be infused with his passion and drive for healing the planet – He set a fire in everyone he met. - S Constantine
Paul spent his first 6 months being bathed in the kitchen sink and the first 6 years living in a building site. That, and the fields and woods around our village was his playground, and what he learnt there, you are all witness to. - J. Mellett (mum)
It’s fair to say Paulo was an example of a perfect permaculture student – he went on to live it, to carry on learning and doing, spreading and multiplying permaculture and positive solutions in a powerful, inspiring and effective way. - G. Morgan

The Blueprint Network

Our Mission:

We are a committed task force and community of diverse, skilled, high-integrity individuals and organisations.
Based on principles of cooperation with each other, nature and all stakeholders.
For the co-creation of replicable and adaptable 'blueprints' for the integrated design of regenerative human settlements.
Producing knowledge for the commons based on real experience and participation in the areas of shelter, water, energy, food, education, finance and people care.
Supporting living educational sites and decentralised, autonomous human-scale strategies, networking with government, donors, NGOs and communities.
In the name of Love, for the abundance of all life.

The dedicated Blueprint website is now available here.