Poetry & Song lyrics

Paulo had a rich vocabulary which was brought to a focus in his late teens when undergoing an extensive treatment for leukaemia. Established as a fluent writer at primary and secondary school, this later period saw him expressing his ideas and feelings in poetry and also in song lyrics, both of which were informed by his innate sense of rhythm as an accomplished drummer.

In my dreams, the past and future tense
Mix together in an irresistible cocktail
Which I am desperate to try.
The present is an everlasting thirst
Which stamps with desert boots upon my tongue
Looking out into the all-expansive sea of my lost thoughts
Whose briny waters are too salt to drink
But cool and wet enough to tempt.

Calling down a shower of golden stars upon your bones
Flying and springing like sparks on a foundry floor
Fast and bright and free and light with life
They sink down through your flesh and settle on your core.
And even though you are adrift, asleep
Still I think you feel the touch of me
Reaching out across the miles with fingertips
To soothe your soul.

(a reference to the level of blood neutrophils required to leave isolation following a chemotherapy session)

Poem 1
How time rolls ever on
Ever it rolls onto you
As a heavy rock upon a shrew
Or a newspaper upon a swatted fly

How time makes new
Takes the old life that I knew
And scythes it down
To scatter both my ashes and my seeds into the wind

How time is life
Footprints laid upon a path
A line upon a graph
A journey from the ocean to the ocean

A life is like a single day
With morning, noon and night
Tomorrow and yesterday
Faces remembered through dirty glass
Echoes of a lifetime that has passed
Feelings that I still feel now
I felt when I was small

And never in my darkest dreams
Thought that I would feel as I feel now
Or stand where I stand now
Face what I face now
Know what I know now
And never in my darkest dreams
Did I know what I know now.

Poem 2
Looking back I wish I wish
I wish that I had taken every chance
in every second I had glanced
at your face and looked into your eyes
looking into mine

I wish that I had never turned away
when I had only nothings left to say
No wits no words no way I can go back there now
and simply hold your hand

A look into a mirror
A look into myself
I look away from fear and doubt
Uncertainty and pain

I look down at your letter held tight in my hand
Where you wrote my name
Thinking if death does take me
Leads me on into anther room
I will stand there in the gloom
Or sit or lie upon the floor
And watch the handle of the door
Waiting for it to turn as you come in

I would have liked to walk with you
Across a field or down a path
To sit beside a river
On a branch over the river
Four bare feet into the water
In the evening of a day.
The sky would be so big and kind
With a singing sinking sun
Behind clouds which wander by
Eating apples by the river
I throw my core into the river
I am feeling cold
As I watch it float away.


Song lyrics transcribed from the remains of notebook.

My old friend
When will we see you again?
On the other side, the other shore
When we won’t carry that weight any more.

My old friend
Never forget who you were
The mark that you left on this world
Was to us such a warm glow.

There you lie, under your tree
We buried you together, we buried you deep.
Now you’re laughing out from every leaf
In every forest that I’ll ever see.

And you’re not afraid and you’re not alone
‘Cos it ain’t going away, its just going home,
And the ripple may end but the river flows on,
And we’re always a part of it, we’ll always belong.

Rising Chant   
I came from Infinite
I can do Infinite
I will go back to Infinite
I am Infinite
I am part of it.

Paulo's music

Paulo sitting by the lake at Tamera 2010 in the evening, playing guitar and singing his songs. Recorded by his friend Christina Schmidt.

Paulo's Art

Poetry & Song lyrics

Paulo had a rich vocabulary which was brought to a focus in his late teens when undergoing an extensive treatment for leukaemia.

Visual Art

Paul discovered his artistic abilities at the age of six, when he became annoyed at the praise being lavished on a visiting child for a drawing it


"Paulo could pick up almost any instrument and get a tune out of it."


Paulo had a strong and fluid grasp of the English language and could express himself fluently and persuasively in both spoken and written forms.