Our intention

The aim of this website is for it to be a living document of Paulo's life and the ramifications of his influence in the world, as well as an educational resource, as you come to it asking questions of the sort: How can I improve the quality of my practice/ my life/ the lives of others?


The focus of this website is the role of permaculture in the regeneration of the web of life on this planet.


The perspective of this website draws on the values implicit in the work of Paulo Mellett (1979–2014). We hold values that we try to express in our lives and creative endeavours; however, we exist as living contradictions because the forms of our lives often cause us to deny those values in practice. Unusually, Paulo lived his values fully in his endeavour to make the world a better place – he rarely found himself acting as a living contradiction.

Paulo's work here ended in 2014 but his values remain highly relevant to addressing the world's problems. Part of the educational intent of this website will be to explore the integration of his values into the forms of our own lives as we strive to improve what we are doing - as we ask questions of the sort:

“How can I work with others to sustain and develop Paulo’s creative values as we try to make the world a better place?”