Colombian Ceasfire and Paulo's Death Anniversary

I don't think there is anything more appropriate to celebrate the second anniversary of Paulo's death than the ceasefire signed by the Colombian government and FARC rebels. After three years of peace talk, finally a good outcome was reached, a stronger agreement than expected and what feels like will truly be the beginning of end of this civil war that has taken over 220,000 lives.

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Simon's TED Talk on Slush

In 2015, Simon Constantine was invite to give a talk at TEDxCanaryWharf and he chose the topic of "Is sustainable enough?" He talks about many of the projects initiated by Paulo and managed by his good friends Paul and Limber. Definitely worth a watch!

Is 'sustainable' enough? | Simon Constantine | TEDxCanaryWharf

Beautiful Interview with Paulo in Cuba in 2013

In 2013 Paulo went o Cuba to co-facilitate the Permaculture Design Certificate course that happened before the International Permaculture Convergence. During the PDC Erin Axelrod recorded a 45-min interview with Paulo talking about Permaculture and Regenerative Enterprise. She recorded it on her phone and went to great lengths to get in out of her phone and sent to me. I fully appreciate her efforts as it is a beautiful memory of the amazing mind and heart that Paulo brought into the planet.

Paulo's instruments have a new life

Paulo was a very talented musician, so I felt I needed to handle his instruments with special care. Most of what he had, especially his electronic drums were donated to the project Favela da Paz. They are our amazing friends who have a studio, a sustainable demonstration house, a vegetarian food projects and organise local music classes. I couldnt' think of better caretakers of his beloved instruments. Below is a video of Claudinho, Paulo's good friend and founder of the project, playing with the Mandolim.

Claudinho playing Paulo's Mandolim

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