I am Peter Mellett, son to my father Ernest and my mother Mary – and, in turn, father to my son Paul who was born to Jane and married to Ruth.

Ernest Mellett 1914–1986
Peter Mellett 1946–
Paul(o) Mellett 1979–2014
Mary Mellett (neé Bill) - 1920–2007
Jane Mellett (neé Collins) - 1951– with Paul 1982
Ruth Andrade and Paulo - September 2012

I am Paulo's father. On the male side of his family, I bridge the generations between my father and my son. I am the conduit through which certain fundamental values relating to freedom, justice and democracy have flowed through the generations – values that have successively adapted to inform each generation and the spirit of the age in which they have found themselves. There are equally strong – and parallel – values that have flowed through my mother, Mary, Paulo's mother Jane and from her mother Ann and, latterly, through his wife Ruth.

My hope for this website is that you will find it useful as an educational and interactive resource. Its focus is on the ways we can meet together to use permaculture in the regeneration of the web of life on this planet. The perspective of this website draws on the values implicit in Paulo’s work. These values have their roots in the core values of the family into which he was born. Values are fundamental to the function of this website and the way that we interact with each other through it.